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Advances in PropTech are rocking the real estate investment world by making investing, record-keeping, property maintenance, and a slew of other tasks easier to do, while also lowering costs.

As you probably already know, as an asset class, real estate contributes $3.5 trillion to United States GDP (about 13% of total GDP) annually. Globally, real estate is still typically the largest investment portfolio item, exceeding the total worth of both stocks and bonds combined. According to a recent article in Read More

When it Comes to Building Condos, it IS Easy Being Green

New Green Condo Initiatives Can Save Property Owners Big Buck in Energy Savings

As we all know, there’s been a lot of discussion in Washington and elsewhere recently regarding issues associated with climate change and the “Green New Deal”. Some scientists have speculated that we only have a limited time remaining to reduce the planet’s rising levels of greenhouse gases.

One way to help reduce greenhouse gases and make the planet more environmen...