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It's the age old question for those looking to profit from a potential real estate investment - is it better to flip a property (buy, make improvements, and sell) or buy a property for the rental income?

The answer? It depends greatly on your risk tolerance, your skill set and your overall, long term objectives.

Investing in Real Estate

It’s important to note at the outset that both approaches are simply different means to the same end - profiting from your real estate investment. You're likely already familiar with the many benefits of real esta...

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a rental property and you’re now on your way to creating a steady stream of passive income. At some point in the near future, however, you’ll be looking for opportunities to increase the income you receive from your investment property.

The following lists some easy and practical ways that today’s most successful rental property owners employ to increase their income and secure long term gains in their wealth from the assets.

Rent Increases

The easiest way to increase the income you receive from rental properties is to rai...