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September 25, 2019 - by Erik Carrier

Identifying the Right Floor Plan for Real Estate Investors

Floor Plans Help Real Estate Investors Sell Properties to Customers More Effectively

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Creating 2D and 3D Floor Plans Can Help Potential Buyers Get a Clearer Impression of Each Property.

Former NFL head coach Chuck Knox once said: “Always have a plan…and believe in it. Nothing happens by accident.” Indeed. In the world of real estate, having a strategic plan for growth is very important. But a visual plan is also optimal as well. The “visual” plan I’m referring to is…including a property’s floor plan with any marketing collateral you create. 

While having photos of the interior and exterior of a new or renovated home, apartment, or commercial building is important, adding a floor plan to brochures, one-sheet, or website pages give your customers a deeper dive into each of your properties. In short, real estate floor plans help sell properties better than just photos alone.

And here’s proof; studies have shown “more than 85 percent of home buyers found floor plans either ‘essential’ or ‘useful’. More than half of the respondents said they would spend more time looking at a listing if it included a floor plan.” 

What Types of Real Estate Floor Plan Service Options Available?

Yes. Quite a few. Over the past decade, many tech companies are offering real estate floor plan service software that can actually produce elaborate and detailed 2D and 3D property perspectives. One such firm, Room Sketcher has created software that lets real estate professionals create 2D and 3D floor plan visuals, and panoramic 360-degree views, including furnishing and decorating mock-ups in vivid detail. Room Sketcher’s floor plan creator software fees start at $49 to $99 per year. 

Another real estate floor plans software firm, Floor Plan for Real Estate, specializes in creating in 2D and 3D renderings as well. Real estate professionals can download photos, sketches, videos, and CAD files to this firm and receive professional floor plan visuals in 1 to 5 days. This firm’s floor plan for real estate service starts at $29 to $79 per floor plan.

FloorPlanOnline works in a different way. You type in your property’s zip code and approximate square footage, download your files, and FloorPlanOnline does the rest. The company typically offers packages which include: 1 year of virtual tour hosting, top lead capture plus branding, tour formats, slideshow videos, YouTube, Zillow, and Trulia video distribution, and a Call2Action photo. Floor plan prices for this firm run from around $200 to $1,000 (depending the size of property (square footage) and where the property is geographically located in the U.S.).

Which Floor Plan is Right for My Business?

The answer depends on your marketing budget and specific marketplace goals. You don’t necessarily need all the cyber bells and whistles to show off a property. But considering how inexpensive some of these platforms are, adding a floor plan creator service to your marketing budget might be something to consider. 

Are There Free Versions of Floor Plan Creator Software Available?

Yes. There are “free trial” floor plan creator software platforms out there, including SketchUpAutoCAD Architecture,SmartDrawSweet Home 3DFloorplanner, and many more. 

Whatever floor plan for real estate software you choose, it’s a win-win tool to put your properties in the best possible light.

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