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Vacant Home Management Program

Heading South (or West) for the Winter? You’re not alone!

Chicagoland can get pretty quiet in the winter months of December through February as home and property owners in the city and suburbs head out of town when the weather is at its harshest. Your property still needs to be cared for while you’re away however. Property value retention demands regular upkeep and occasional maintenance from responsible, reliable experts.

Who should you trust with your property while you’re enjoying some much needed fun in the sun?

Snowbirds like you are turning to RedStar Property Management to make sure that their property will be ready upon their return. Our vacant home management program takes care of all the regular but necessary upkeep required like snow shoveling and monitors for any winter damage caused by frozen/burst pipes.

Get the peace of mind that you (and your home) deserve with RedStar Property Management’s Snowbird package. Our regular inspections are customized to fit your individual property. Learn more below and contact the Red Star team with any questions.


Red Star’s Snowbird Package Includes:

Heat Monitoring

Make sure that your heating system is in good working condition while you’re away; Red Star runs the furnace to make sure that it is operating efficiently and ready upon your return.

Safety and Security Check

Our experienced associates perform regular perimeter checks, walking the grounds to ensure that there are no signs of forced entry and periodically test/monitor smoke and carbon dioxide alarms.

Curb Appeal Enhancements

Remove garbage and other materials from the grounds, including fallen tree limbs, that have accumulated to make sure that your property always looks its best (to neighbors and prospective buyers).

Water Management

Red Star checks the inside and outside of homes to ensure water damage doesn’t occur, checking for ice-build up on downspouts and proper functioning of faucets, toilets, refrigerators and dishwashers.

Regular Updates

Our team prioritizes excellent communication and sends regular email/phone updates on the status of your property. Red Star also provides suggestions to help you maintain optimal safety and security.


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