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When you initially invested in that real estate property, did you imagine all of the myriad challenges you would face when it came to renting? Unlikely, and, you're not alone. From upkeep and repairs to marketing and rent collection, it can simply be too much for those who initially were just looking for some additional income.

What property owners quickly realize about owning rental property in Chicago, or anywhere in the world, is that not only do they need to have a plan in place but the right team to make it all happen.

While there's no question t...

Multifamily housing (apartment buildings) are in every neighborhood of Chicago and it's suburbs.

With so much available inventory, property owners (and the Chicago property management companies that manage those assets) often need to get creative with the strategies and tactics they use to not only attract new residents, but keep the residents they currently have happy so they ultimately renew their lease. That might be easier said than done but it could be the difference between operating a profitable property and an unprofi...

Listing a building for sale in Chicago can be very challenging. Are you planning on selling your property? If so, now is the perfect time to prepare it for a successful sale.

The following are a few ideas on some quick fixes that you, or a property management company like Red Star Property Management in Chicago, can do to increase the value of the building and ensure that it does not sit on the market for an extended period of time.

General Building Repairs: There's nothing that speaks more lo...