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Chicagoland's Condo and HOA Management Solutions

Rely on RedStar’s decades of experience to help manage and maintain your condo building and community.

Experienced HOA Management Solutions

Professional financial coordination and project execution helps ensure your property meets the city's and community's standards.

Expert Property Maintenance & Renovations

With a network of renovation and maintenance specialists, RedStar is an excellent resource for the board of directors to preserve and grow property value.

Safety, Comfort and Convenience as a Top Priority

RedStar's vast knowledge helps lead routine upkeep and large-scale projects so they are done right and on-schedule for minimal resident disruption and quality results.

Chicago and Suburb HOAs Trust RedStar

Redstar Expertly Manages Book-Keeping and Projects for Condo Associations

RedStar has a long standing history working with condominium boards and associations in mid- and high-rise condo buildings. Professional assistance maintaining common areas, collecting assessments, managing reserves and paying monthly/annual bills helps take the guesswork and stress out of managing your condo community.

Additionally, RedStar’s HOA Property Management services can provide the board with unparalleled expertise in coordinating and managing projects. With familiarity of the rules governing construction in large multifamily buildings, RedStar can verify the building permits and materials necessary for routine maintenance and large-scale projects are completed correctly and on-time. For added peace of mind, RedStar goes to great lengths to contain any work in your building to protect your safety and comfort. Professional coordination of projects with vendors helps provide HOA management solutions. When work begins, RedStar goes the extra mile to install floor protection and set up barriers around construction areas to keep your building clean and safe. When work ends, we offer a professional cleaning free of charge.

Renovations that Sustain Property Value for Homeowners

Local specialty vendors for building improvements are at your fingertips with RedStar's HOA Property Management

RedStar knows the property industry and stays current on the real estate market trends in Chicagoland. Your condo is an investment and with the proper considerations it can flourish in a growth-driven market. With an extensive background in the area, RedStar has the resources to support your investment and help guide the HOA to make decisions that will encourage that growth. RedStar stands by their work with a 1-year limited warranty.


Feel free to reach us out if you have any questions

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