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Resident Portal & Resources

Access the RedStar tenant portal, moving checklists, and helpful maintenance videos.

Move-In Checklist & Procedures

Complete an Online or Paper Rental Application at OUR WEBSITE and submit it with Application Fee to Management.

Meet with Management to Review the Entire Lease Agreement before signing.

Bring All Move-In Fees, Deposits and 1st Month’s Rent to Lease Signing in Certified Check or Money Order form.

Collect all keys at lease signing (or at designated time of move in) including unit keys, common entrance keys and mailbox         keys. Ensure all keys work properly prior to move in.

Inspect the Unit prior to Move-In, Take Photos and Voice any immediate concerns.

Contact the US Postal Service, Electric, Gas and Cable providers to schedule service before move in.

Schedule a Move In Date and Time with Management. Move In Fees are allocated to preparation and cleaning of your unit and are not intended to cover common area or unit damage during move-in. Please be Careful during Move In!

Enjoy your new home!

Move Out Checklist

An inspection will be conducted after move out; please contact management to schedule an inspection prior to your move.

Report any concerns or damage to the unit prior to move out to avoid unnecessary fines.

Call the US Postal Service and utility companies, including electric, gas and cable to schedule shut off on the day of move out.

All personal items must be removed from the property prior to move out inspection including all furniture, clothing, boxes, cookware and trash. Special Trash Pickup for large items left in allies and dumpster enclosures will be billed back to the tenant.

Remove all nails and picture hangers from unit walls.

Ensure the unit is completely clean including all appliances, fans, baseboards, blinds, toilets, tubs, windows and floors.

Ensure no light bulbs are burned out and check to ensure all thermostats and alarms have fresh batteries.

Basically, leave the unit in the condition you would like to receive it!

Leave all sets of keys on the counter along with an accurate forwarding address for important mail.

Stay in touch! We would love to have you again at one of our many apartments across Chicagoland! Also, Ask about our tenant referral program.

Eco-Friendly Checklist

Report dripping faucets, running toilets and leaks immediately. Small drips equal big water bills.

Install low-flow faucets and shower heads to reduce water usage. Contact us about FREE installation of low flow faucets and shower heads if you do not already have them in unit.

Set your thermostat to under 68-degrees in the winter and over 78-degrees in the summer can save up to 10% per year on energy costs. Never leave your unit unheated during winter months to avoid frozen pipes and unit damage!

When at work or on vacation, lower or raise the thermostatic temperature by 10-15% for even more savings! Contact us about FREE installation of a smart thermostat, to help regulate your unit temperature (thermostat not included).

Draw blinds and curtains while away to cut down on natural sunlight.

Install/remove window air conditioners seasonally to conserve heat in your home.

If you have fans, use them instead of turning down the air conditioner to conserve on electric bills.

Change furnace filters monthly. A dirty furnace filter will slow air flow and make furnaces work harder to heat/cool your home.

Turn off all lights and unplug unused appliances while away or not in use to save on electricity costs.

Install Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs when lights burn out.

Utilize our online payment and document system on our website to reduce paper usage.

Request e-billing and online payment for all utility accounts to reduce paper usage.

If your building has a recycling bin, separate your trash and start recycling. If you cannot find your building’s recycling bin, contact management.


More Questions?

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